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No. 43
June 2023
El Paraguas Atlántico 2022, the best vintage in the winery's history
With the arrival of heat, the new 2022 vintage of El Paraguas Atlántico wine, from Bodegas El Paraguas, also arrives.
El Paraguas Atlántico 2022, the best vintage in the winery's history

A white wine faithful to its Atlantic profile, with a majority share of the distinguished variety in the D.O. Ribeiro, the Treixadura; and that has a small contribution of Godello and Albariño.
El Paraguas Atlántico 2022 comes from an exceptional vintage at Bodegas El Paraguas, the best to date. Each varietal from each parcel that makes up this white wine was produced separately, either in stainless steel tanks or in French oak barrels, as was the case with Godello.
A white wine from a spectacular vintage that is scarce at the same time. Throughout January and February there was hardly any rain. In fact, in January it only rained four days and it was the driest month of the century, while something similar happened in February. March continued to be cold and rainy, giving way to a cooler spring than usual, which delayed sprouting. In May the heat began to set in, but June was cool and rainy. In July the first episodes of extreme heat began, followed by an atrocious drought, not remembered since 1995, which lasted until mid-August. The vines suffered from water stress, but a stormy front crossed Galicia on August 16 and 17, greatly benefiting the field. September combined mild days with light rain until the harvest.


Bodegas El Paraguas inaugurates the centenary of the restaurant  A Gabeira

Bodegas El Paraguas inaugurates the centenary of the restaurant A Gabeira

Last Thursday, June 1st, in one of the events that will serve to celebrate the centenary of A Gabeira, one of the most iconic restaurants in Galicia, Bodegas El Paraguas and El Hórreo Selección de Vinos joined forces to pay a well-deserved tribute to the trajectory of the establishment and its essential chef, Miguel Campos.
The event, closed exclusively for 20 people, included a bus visit to the vineyard that Bodegas El Paraguas works in the Ferrol parish of Esmelle, very close to the A Gabeira Restaurant, followed by a tasting of the local Astillero 2021 wine and the barnacles that have made the meal house famous from its birth to the present day.
Then, in this unrepeatable and exclusive day that served to inaugurate the centenary celebrations of A Gabeira, the chef currently recommended by the Guía Michelín and holder of a sun from the Guía Repsol prepared a complex and complete menu to pair with 7 wines made in Bodegas El Paraguas, each of them from a different vintage to value their aging.


The Wine Up publication applauds the wines of Bodegas El Paraguas

  The Wine Up publication applauds the wines of Bodegas El Paraguas

Joaquín Parra, in charge of the Guía Wine Up, has launched the tenth edition of his Guía de Vinos 2023, which lists all the wines produced by Bodegas El Paraguas. In said digital publication, the wines of the Galician firm are positioned, for yet another year, among the best in Spain in their category.
The best rated by the author from La Mancha has been the white Fai un Sol de Carallo 2019, with 95.77 valuation points. This score places the 'top' white from Bodegas El Paraguas as the second best white wine in the guide and 8th among the group of wines tasted in the publication. An exceptional result for the Galician company.
For its part, La Sombrilla 2019 wine has been recognized as the fourteenth Best White Wine in the same category, Best in Class 2023 of the 2020 vintage and earlier, repeating the assessment of the last edition with 94.00 points. El Paraguas Atlántico 2020 is not far behind either, with 92.54 points; or the white wine made in the Ferrol region, Astillero 2021, scored with 93.23 points.


Bodegas El Paraguas will have a online store from summer

  Bodegas El Paraguas will have a web store from summer

Bodegas El Paraguas is finishing the last details of its online store. An interesting option to purchase the latest vintages of the four wines from Bodegas El Paraguas: El Paraguas Atlántico, La Sombrilla, Fai un Sol de Carallo and Astillero. In the same way and in a timely manner, the web store will also give the opportunity to buy some old vintages of the Galician firm's wines, more complete wines to enjoy.
Wines to purchase in 6 bottles boxes or individually. Also, if you sign up for the Bodegas El Paraguas Friends' Club, you can benefit from a permanent 10% discount on your purchases, access to the purchase of wines for the first time before they go on the market and detailed information on the products you purchase. Do you soak?

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